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Growing up in Kiselevsk, Kemerovo, Siberia, Russia, Hermes found himself interested in Law & Anti Corruption Study at Tomsk State University. During this time he additionally studied military training at Tomsk State where he received the title of Lieutenant of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. He continued higher education Law & Anti Corruption at Moscow University where he was the speaker of numerous international, Russian, and regional conferences. He has published dozens of scientific articles and papers, including leading scientific journals.

Accompanying his studies he was heavily involved in social & charity events and organizations. This involved working with orphans, helping them in their social adaptation, organizing their leisure time, which was aimed at the moral and ethical education, as well as sports integration.



Kovalev is regarded as a high standard politico in the Federation of Russia, being the head leader of countless charity organizations and political parties such as Governor of Tomsk Oblast.

His education and experience led him to become a professor of Department of Criminal Law at TSU, in which he still presently works as a research assistant; opening his own Law Firm of V. Kovalev and granted General Director of Coal Trade, the turnover of minerals in Siberia.

In addition to & association with his charity organizations, Vadim gave himself to the life of sports, that being Saber Fencing, Boxing, and Thai Boxing.

He immersed himself in these sports for over 7 years, taking him to the World Championships of Muay Thai Boran, WMBF, representing the National Russian Team, winning 3x as Bronze Medalist.

It was shortly after the proposal to join the Governor's Team to lead a region of Tomsk Oblast, that Kovalev understood that climbing the career ladder didn’t give him the satisfaction he so desired. The seed of spirituality had been planted.



Determined to delve into this path as vigilantly as he did his career, V. Kovalev travelled to Thailand and Bali. After an abundance of retreats, meditation, living in monasteries and studying a wide range of different religions unbiasedly, it was in the Dibhaphavan Meditation Centre, Koh Samui, Thailand that the “Kundalini Awakening” arose within him. This shifted his Mindset, completely changing his perception of the world and reality.


This change in perception was a pathway to enthusiasm for Quantum Physics, Chemistry, Molecular & Wave Biology, and Geometry for developing human an effective method for consciousness.

Thus, the creation of, “Alchemy of Sacred Geometry, (ASG)”  was born.

Vadim spent 5 years mastering, ASG, in  Russia, Indonesia & Thailand.

Alchemy of Sacred Geometry continues to grow in members and unearth information vital to the cultivation of consciousness development.

We invite you to the world of ASG, bringing traditions and modernism in a perfect duality to co-create in the development & discoveries of higher consciousness.



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