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8 Benefits of Kali mudra

Mudra (मुद्रा) means “seal,” “gesture,” or “mark” that intends to direct awareness and subtle energy and create changes on a physical and esoteric level.

Kali mudra

Kali is the goddess of empowerment, fearlessness, and inner strength, and sometimes known as the destroyer. She is mostly represented as a fearful fighting figure with a necklace of heads, a skirt of arms, a lolling tongue, and brandishing a knife dripping with blood.

Though it sounds very dark and scary actually it is phenomenal and transformational.

Yes Kali is known as a destroyer, but actually Kali doesn’t destroy by killing, she destroys by consuming the demons and transforming them into something that can serve her and others, she is destroying dark and evil in order to let in the light of good triumph.

So this mudra can be used for transformational purposes; to destroy what is no longer is needed (negative energy), to use that, to consume and transform it into something that serves us (positive energy).

8 Benefits of Kali mudra

Though there are many benefits that the practice of Kali mudra can bring into our lives, the followings are the most powerful ones.

Kali mudra

  1. promotes healthy digestion

  2. detoxifies, renews and revitalizes the skin and the lungs

  3. relieves the stress and anxiety,

  4. helps with insomnia

  5. give us a sense of empowerment, ability to have wisdom and action

  6. cultivates courage

  7. builds inner strength

  8. makes a new beginning with freshness and openness

The performance of Kali mudra

This practice is named after the goddess Durga who transforms into Kali.

Kali mudra is performed by bringing hands together with fingers interlaced and index fingers extended. These extended index fingers represent the sword of Durga who slays Maya meaning "illusions."

Incorporation of kali mudra in Yoga

You can always be creative and incorporate mudras with your yoga practice. Here are some asanas that can be practiced with Kali mudra:

Remember Kali is very powerful and she wants to empower us to take actions, so use this mudra if you are having a hard time if you want to start a new chapter or you need to detach from something or someone that shouldn’t have a place in your life anymore.



Kristine Kirakosyan

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Reiki Master &  Sound Therapist.

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