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Orion's Belt, Mayan Calendar & Armenian Antique Civilization

To some, the oldest observatory that is known in human history dating apx. 7500BC (the British Stonehenge is dated 3001BC).

Carahunge: the Armenian Stonehenge

In the country of Armenia there lies a prehistoric monument that is made of hundreds of massive upright standing stones that consist of holes running through the top parts of the megalithic structure. It is believed that the monument was a representation of Speaking Stones. According to modern archaeologists, these speaking stones relayed important and appropriate information about cosmos to the ancient astronomers. This is the Armenian “Carahunge” (Stonehenge) – a 7,500 year-old observatory, which bears the name “Zorats Karer,” meaning, The Stones of the Mighty.

"WHAT has this to do with the MAYAN CALENDAR?

Ancient Armenians celebrated the ENERGETIC NEW YEAR on the 11th of August. Interestingly, this date also denotes the beginning of the MAYAN CALENDAR (3114BC). A coincidence?!

Mayan Calendar

A Shortcut to Orion or When the Gods Celebrated the New Year

Not far from Carahunge there stands another mystical structure called “GAVAZAN” (Wand), which is a pillar standing in alignment with ORION’s BELT when the latter approaches the sky on AUGUST 11th every year.

International researchers have concluded that on August 11, at 4am, when ORION’s BELT is PERFECTLY ALLIGNED with the pillar Gavazan, there occurs a transmission of information between the Earth and the Stars. Correspondingly, the 82 stones of Carahunge are considered as astronomical instruments, which are perfectly tuned to observe the tripple star system of the Belt of the Orion. This might sound like another coincidence. However, the name of the annual celebration, that is, of the Energetic New Year speaks for itself. Armenians call this day “Navasard,” which can be translated into STARSHIP THAT BRINGS INFORMATION

"The only reason I would do this if I were on a foreign planet is to give a message to future generations, to say; "Hey, knock knock, THIS IS FROM WHERE WE CAME FROM." ~ Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine.

The Pyramids of Giza and the Orion's Belt

The Connection…

People from aeons ago and in different corners of our Planet were carrying the same knowledge. Ancient and mysterious cites of peak interest around the world are connected with deeper meaning than what can be thought at first site. Early civilizations were celebrating the same auspicious dates and were building sacred structures to align with the Orion’s Belt.

Some people think it's a mere coincidence, others believe it’s not!

Carahunge, Armenia

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