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The religion of Armenia gives a lot of silent space

Updated: Jan 4

The religion of Armenia gives lots of silent space. The light is where God is, people pray, and no complicated rituals are needed.

In 2019 Chao Feng, who used to be an editor of a travel magazine, now is a freelancer, took a yoga-tour to Armenia organized by AtmaVicara. Her comments truly touched us and we want to share with the other travelers what a Chinese traveler-editor experienced in beautiful Armenia.

Yerevan: one of the oldest capitals in the world

Yerevan is a city that dazzles socialist muscles. The national public buildings are huge and magnificent. There is no sorrow in the city center, young people are dressed in fashion, outdoor restaurants and bars are sings, and the artistic atmosphere is very strong. It is difficult to feel that this is a poor country (the average income of the capital is 300 euros).

During her travel Chao was sharing in her social media platform about love and compassion that the Armenian nation has. She said what the most that surprised her was the Armenian people.

Predicting the future with the remains of coffee

The Armenian people surprised me the most, although they may not have much money, they live a happy life, they connect with relatives and friends, this is amazing.

Many Armenian houses are old and they are home to 3 generations of their grandparents. You can see that people don't have much money, but life has dignity. The family gives love and support.

The Lada car of the Soviet-era today. They are also clean and have good performance.

Ride in the forest; sometimes it is more appropriate to use Lada cars

The children in the big family, I have seen here, make me particularly envious. They are naturally relaxed and lively. I feel that adults are the first to respect the children. Secondly, they are not ashamed to express their love anytime, anywhere, and talk to the children. Hug and kiss them, but they are not claws, but deep and gentle. They know love, humanity is not devastated, and there is no money to save the world.

A visit to a local chess club, Dilijan

A visit to a local family; happy and playful kids
The Christianity (Armenian Apostolic Church) here absorbs many elements from pagan times and integrates them. Faith is historical, and there is no new thing totally under the sun.

Armenian masterpiece: khachkars (cross-stones)

"As a country that first established Christianity as a state religion, Armenia still has many parts of primary beliefs in its daily life. For example, today is their Vardavar (water festival in Armenia). Water represents purification and blessing. In the afternoon, I did hiking to Matosavank church and played with the locals who were having a picnic in the forest."

"I think this journey made me think about how to live, the meaning of life, the importance of the connection with the others and also with the god, the importance of one's spirit world." Chao Feng

Kristine Kirakosyan

Doctor of Philosophy, A World-Traveler

A native Armenian who, with her very good friends, also a world-travelers,have created AtmaVicara and launched several projects in Armenia: "the place on the earth that one can come across many miracles".

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