Kristine organized a trip for me and my wife to Armenia. It was a highlight of our traveling. She took care of even the smallest details and we could totally trust in her ability to make sure we had a great time. I and my wife can strongly recommend Kristine


I took part in yoga retreat and spiritual journey in Armenia with Kristine. I did not know her before but she was so helpful and kind from the beginning that I had the feeling we know each other from a long time. The trip was wonderful, Kristine organized everything perfectly. She had proper plans in advance but was also flexible and adapted the program according to the group's need. She's is not only a great organizer but a very kind, intelligent, open and cheerful person, has a good sense of humor, so we had a great time together!  I can only recommend her for both traveling and practicing yoga together.


As a yoga teacher, Cristina is very aware of her student's bodies and thresholds, and has a knack for providing the perfect adjustment you didn't know you needed.


I always finish her classes with a blissed smile on my face.


Cristina teaches yoga holistically and inclusively. She incorporates a variety of lineages and techniques into her own eclectic style that helps to show the holism of yoga and how it grows the entire person as a physical, emotional, and spiritual being. Cristina’s classes incorporate a variety of styles and lineages such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Nidra. Her style surpasses an ‘asana class’ and expands asana so that it becomes yoga through the use of meditation, breath work, and the use of mantras. In a typical class Cristina shows a variety of expressions of any pose, as well as how those poses can be adapted for the natural workings of particular bodies who may need time or assistance to achieve them due to injury, or age, or just to say, well, this is how some people’s bodies work. She is a kind teacher who will always push you hard to ensure that you reach your full potential. Her sense of humor is awesome and she has great interpersonal skills. A very fun and welcoming class that will help you to achieve your yoga goals no matter how small, big, or expansive they may be!


Eleonora was my teacher throughout a month-long 200hours YTTC (Yoga Teacher Trainer Course) in the month of May 2017. 

Nowadays that yoga has fused with the Western world and our modern lives, it's so often one can experience ego, superficiality, competition and self-demanding attitudes in students and teachers within the yoga-sphere. Eleonora stands out as a refreshing contrast to this; I experience her as a person and teacher with a high level of authenticity, sincerity, and integrity with what she does.

I appreciate her for bringing in encouragement of freeing oneself from the pressure and expectations that come from modern society; to not bring this pressure into the yoga practice, but rather move from a place of deeper internal values such as self-love, body-positivity, acceptance, and inclusiveness. 

Eleonora has the skill of maintaining flexibility, adaptability, and inclusiveness with all levels and conditions of students whilst being a very advanced practitioner herself.

On top of this, she has an amazing understanding of anatomy and alignment and good skills in sharing those in her classes. 

Thank you, Eleonora, for helping me understand that yoga indeed is an internal, intimate and inclusive practice and path of life, 

thank you for being the teacher and role model that I needed more than I thought.


Balanced outside of the yoga room

Eleonora is an incredible instructor with an authentic presence that commands attention. Her spiritual vitality and passionate fervor keep me connected in the practice and provide a sense of purpose on the mat. Eleonora has an exceptional ability to personally support each student in a group setting while keeping attentive to breathing and posture detail.

After just a few classes, I’ve already noticed myself better balanced and poised in and outside of the yoga room--my ‘uddiyana bandha’ is rejuvenated!


From Antioch University, L.A.

I had the wonderful opportunity to practice with Eleonora during a recent study abroad class with Antioch University Los Angles at the Institut Vajra Yogini in Marzens, France.

The course was 'The Integration of Buddhism and Psychology: East and West join in France'. Eleonora was our yoga instructor and we were so impressed by her passion and wisdom she has for the practice.  In that short 7 day course, I learned more from Eleonora about the practice of yoga and the right positioning than I have in the 10+ years I have practiced yoga in the States.  Thank you very much, we will never forget our experience with you.

ANDREA,  Los Angeles, CA

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