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July 31 - August 7, 2020


Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world; dating back to times of antiquity. It's full of rich history, unique architecture, beautiful landscapes, and strong energy points.
This undiscovered ancient country holds gorgeous natural scenery and hidden treasures just waiting to be explored.

You can't miss its churches and monasteries jutting out on the edge of mountain peaks and cliffs, each one more spectacular than the next.

This Journey is a combination of traveling, practicing yoga & meditation, and simply is an amazing chance to connect to some wonderful people like you! 

The journey is guided by Kristine, a world-traveler native Armenian, and a world traveler yoga teacher, reiki master Cristina Marie.






  • A journey to undiscovered ancient Armenia.

  • A combination of traveling, yoga & meditation.

  • Guided by a world-travelers; native Armenian & yoga teacher Cristina.

  • An experience to dive into local culture and communicate with local people. 

  • Small group to give you personal attention. 

  • And just an amazing chance to connect with some wonderful people like you!



  • Travel to the world’s first Christian country

  • Visit the world’s oldest winery

  • Delve into the world’s oldest cathedral

  • Explore one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities

  • Sing and chant in ancient monastery complexes

  • Meditate in strong energy points

  • Take part in the liturgies and in some spiritual ceremonies

  • Meet locals; visit a local school, cook your dinner in a local family, dance traditional dances


  • Pick up at the airport and transfer to the hotel in Yerevan, accommodation and rest.

  • Evening walk in YEREVAN- 2800-year-old capital of Armenia that is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities.

  • Evening walk from Northern Avenue to Republic Square. Participation in Dancing fountains show.

  • Welcome dinner in Armenian traditional restaurant with a folk program.

Day 2: One of the World’s Ancient Cities

  • Meditation & Yoga


Explore Yerevan: one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities

  • The Cascade complex

  • Cafesjian Center for the Arts

  • Opera house

  • History Museum of Armenia

  • Evening "Armenian traditional dance" class. 

Day 3: Soul & Wine

  • Meditation & Yoga

  • The KHOR VIRAP "deep dungeon“(established in 642 CE) -the most famous pilgrimage site in Armenia. Get to know the mysterious story behind this monastery.

  • ARENI (tour, wine tasting) -the winemaking region where wines from the indigenous grape sort produced.

  • THE OLDEST WINERY in the world- Trchuneri (Bird’s) cave and find 6000 years old winery.

  • 13th-century NORAVANK MONASTERY- a masterpiece complex scattered by amazing khachkars (Armenian cross-stones).

Day 4: Reflection of History 

  • Meditation & Yoga

    TSITSERNAKABERD (The Armenian Genocide memorial complex) - a solemn reminder of the first genocide of the 20th century

  • Short meditation in Tsitsernakaberd

  • SAINT ECHMIADZIN (one of the oldest churches in the world) – the spiritual center of Armenia, (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

  • Take part in the liturgy.

  • 7th-century ZVARTNOTS CATHEDRAL (UNESCO World Heritage Site) - a masterpiece of early medieval Armenian architecture.

Day 5:  Hellenistic Art & Medieval architecture

  • Meditation & Yoga

  • Hellenistic GARNI - the only pagan temple in Armenia (76 AD).  

  • UNESCO World Heritage GEGHARD MONASTERY (the 4th century) -a fantastic example of Armenian medieval architecture carved into nearby rocks.

  • Chanting in a chapel of Geghard

  • Armenian traditional famous Gata tasting.

  • SEVAN – the largest lake in the Caucasus, the “blue pearl of Armenia” and one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world

  • SEVANAVANK monastic complex (founded in 874)

Day 6:  "Armenian Switzerland"

  • Meditation & Yoga

  • 13th-century MONASTERY HAGHARTSIN - an indescribable example of a blend of nature with architecture.

  • LAKE PARZ in the Dilijan National Park

  • Participation in liturgy

  • 13th-century MATOSAVANK CHURCH – do short hiking to a hidden church Matosavank 

Day 7:  Meet Locals

  • Meditation & Yoga

  • OLD DILIJAN (Tufenkian center)

  • Visiting a local school and a chess club 

  • Check your chess knowledge with local chess players.

  • Visit a wooden museum made by a local guy who spent 20 years of his life to make it.

  • Cooking class and dinner with the local family 


  • Meditation & yoga 

  • Check out & departure


If you have some more time before your flights we will organize some optional activities for you (customers will pay by themselves)

  • “Megerian market” factory-museum - immersing in the world of Armenian carpets and rugs, as well as learning about the art of carpet-weaving

  • ”ARARAT brandy factory” (tour and tasting) – Ararat cognac was Gurdjieff’s and Churchill’s favorite one (optional)


Armenian cuisine is as ancient as the history of Armenia, it is one of the oldest in Europe and the oldest in the South Caucasus. The dishes here are diverse and delicious thanks to the use of lots of spices, herbs, and wildflowers.
Try an ancient Armenian bread: Lavash (UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity). Taste dolma, basturma, sujukh, spas, kyufta and much more. Taste Armenian BBQ made in tonir: a special stove where many traditional Armenian dishes are made.



 THE LUXURIOUSCENTRAL HOTEL YEREVAN; located right in the heart of Yerevan, just three-minute walk from the Republic Square that offers, that besides all other facilities offers also pool and jacuzzi.


OLD TUFENKIAN HERITAGE HOTEL: that will give you a chance to enjoy Dilijan's nature and atmosphere entirely. here you will be immersed in the finest culture of an earlier time. Specialized workshops and studios sell jewelry, clothing, carpets, ceramics and woodcarvings, arts and crafts.



7 nights / 8 days

  • Accommodation for all your stay (shared, double or twin room)

  • Breakfast

  • Most entrance fees, folk program, wine tasting

  • Armenian traditional dance class

  • Cooking class

  • Welcome dinner in a traditional restaurant with a  folk program

  • Wine & gata tasting

  • Closing event: Dinner in a local family

  • Transportation

  • Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Meditation practices with Cristina

  • English Speaker Guide


990 € Super Early-bird Discount (till 15th of March)


1190 € Early-bird Discount (till 15th of April)

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1290 € (from 16th of April)

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